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Positive Vibes

Sometimes a bad day can be turned around by an unexpected source. Last Wednesday I was having a pretty terrible day after being jerked around by a local car dealership. Later that day, while on a live chat with iTunes support about a missing digital booklet, I was helped by a guy named Kumar who couldn't have been more helpful and positive. What had begun as a chat session to help me with a missing content problem turned into a dose of positive attitude that I really needed that day. Thanks Kumar!

Tales from the Whiteboard 2

As mentioned in a previous post, I often have people stopping by my office when I'm not here and leaving (often humorous) messages on my whiteboard. Here is another collection of messages I've had left for me over the previous few months.

I don't get the wonderwall comment, but I found it funny nonetheless.

A coworker left a message requesting assistance as if I'd written it as one of my own notes.

A later addition, wishing me a nice trip up to Boston (for Visual Studio Live).

I honestly am at my desk regularly, but apparently I have a knack for missing someone's visits.