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Finding and Correcting jQuery Version Conflicts

I recently ran into an issue with some new client-side code I'd developed. While everything worked correctly in the dev environment, upon deployment to the test environment I found that some of the jQuery functions were no longer being recognized.

Going to the Console tab in Firebug, and entering "$().jquery" into the command prompt at the bottom, revealed the culprit: for some reason, despite my reference to jQuery 1.7.1, the page was now referencing version 1.4.2. The reason why was a part of the build process that occurs in our test environment and not our dev environment, which adds a reference to a minified 1.4.2 when built for the test environment (the pitfalls of differences between dev and test environments being a discussion for another time).

One possible solution to correct this was to simply update the version of jQuery being used to 1.7.1, but there was understandable concern that doing so would impact (read: break) things. So I needed a safer solution. The …

The "CTRL + ," Shortcut In Visual Studio 2010

I'm currently working in a solution in Visual Studio 2010 that contains a whopping 46 projects, and even when I know where a certain file is located, it can often take awhile to just navigate to it. Fortunately, Visual Studio 2010 contains a great shortcut assist with this (it may also have been in earlier versions of Visual Studio, I'm not sure). Simply hit CTRL + , and Visual Studio will display a "Navigate To" window, which will allow you to enter text for what you're searching for (class name, file name, method name, etc) . Then, in the results list, double-click on the one you want to quickly navigate there. A huge time saver when you've got a lot of files in your project/solution.

Here's a very simple example screenshot (click to enlarge):