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Automatic Virutal Directory Creation Failing in VS2010

One of the projects I work on involves a WCF service that is set up to run under IIS instead of the Visual Studio Development Server. This project has a couple of branches that from time to time are merged back into the trunk, which sometimes leads to the following error if the developer is prompted by Visual Studio to automatically create the virtual directory for the service to run under:

Creation of the virtual directory (URL) failed with the error: The URL '(URL)' is already mapped to a different folder location.

The reason this error occurs is because, based on which branch was being used when the file was committed to source control, the directory could be different.

I figured this would be a pretty easy thing to fix -- just delete the virtual directory in question. But I was surprised to go into IIS Manager and find wasn't there. Yet I could go to the URL in question and receive an error page that suggested that the URL was, in fact, valid.

The fix was somewha…