A Star Beyond Time (Ilia's Theme)

Even though I'd been on a bit of a Star Trek kick lately, I happened across this by chance -- a friend shared it with another friend on Facebook, and it showed up in the "Most Recent" section of the main page. When I first saw the post I thought it was a video with the theatrical track, which is a nice instrumental, but that's not what this is. I guess this was the single version (yes, they released a single version). Oh dear. I'm glad I decided to click "Play" before assuming it was the theatrical version and commenting with "I love this track". Oh, the humanity.

And did they really need to include the phrase "Star Trek" in the lyrics? Oh, it hurts, it hurts...

Enjoy the pain! Even though I'm posting this here, I have yet to sit through the whole thing (though YouTube resumed where I'd paused the track when I clicked on the link to view it directly on YouTube to get the embed code -- how nice of them. :/)


Ed said…
36 seconds in and I couldn't take any more.
MyLifeAndCode said…
LOL! Yeah, it's pretty bad, even for someone like myself who gets a kick out of bad music.

Have you ever heard any of Pat Boone's album of heavy metal covers? That's another example of music too bad even for me.

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