Star Wars Shop and My $6 Million Dollar Order

Back before Christmas, I placed two orders with the official Star Wars Shop for some gifts, but only received the first order. Wondering whatever happened to the second one, I looked through my e-mails and found the following order confirmation (I've removed my name and address information):

Dear (My Name),

Thank you for your order from

This is your electronic receipt which you should save for future reference. Please make a note of your order number(s) located right before each address to which you have shipped. If you ordered a digital asset (e.g. a Hyperspace membership) please use the Digital Access Code under the item description of Hyperspace listed below. If you find any errors in what you ordered or in your billing or shipping address, please visit your order history at: Order Number)

We will send you a separate e-mail notification when your order(s) ships, complete with the tracking number for your package. Please note we will not charge you for this order until it ships. You can always check the status of your order on the Order History tab in Your Account at: Order Number)

Here are the details of the order you placed with us:


Order Date:

Order Confirmation Number: (My Order Number)

Billing Information:
(My Address and Phone Number)


Order Confirmation Number:

Shipping information:
(My Shipping Address and Phone Number)

Shipping Method: Continental USA: Flat Rate Economy
Qty Ordered Product Unit Price Amount Gift Wrap
1 Exclusive Senate Security Clone (as seen in the 1st episode of Clone Wars) 6.75 6.75 No
In Stock Now
2 Exclusive Stormtrooper Commander Action Figure (in protective plastic case) 6.75 13.50 No
In Stock Now


Subtotal: 5425262.27
Shipping and Handling: 535815.76
Gift Wrap: 0.00
Sales Tax: 3597.83
Discount/Gift Certificate: 0.00
Order Total: 5964675.86


Customers who have chosen not to create an account for this order, or do not have a account, will not be able to change order information. At this point, we can only cancel the entire order or remove individual items or reduce quantity. We can do these upon request if you email StarWarsShop Customer Service at:

Customers who have a regular account who wish to change billing or shipping information please use the following procedure:

1. Go to the "My Account" page at:
2. Login to your account;
3. Click on the "Order History" tab;
4. Click on the "View or Change Order" link;
5. Click on the "Change" link to change billing address or payment information;
6. Add or select the correct payment information, and click on the "Save" button.

Thanks again for visiting, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

The Star Wars Shop Team

You are receiving this email because you placed an order at

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I couldn't find an e-mail telling me that the order had shipped, and upon closer examination of the order confirmation, noticed the following:

Subtotal: 5425262.27
Shipping and Handling: 535815.76
Gift Wrap: 0.00
Sales Tax: 3597.83
Discount/Gift Certificate: 0.00
Order Total: 5964675.86

That's right: for 3 action figures, somehow my order came to almost 6 million dollars. That's what I get for not reading my order confirmation e-mail thoroughly.

When I attempted to view the status of the order via the link they provided, the webpage told me that the order could not be found. So I decided to contact Star Wars Shop, explain the situation, and ask them to fix the problem.

Here's the response I got:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your inquiry. We do not have any orders under your name or email address in ou system.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Customer Service

Well. That was no help at all. So I re-placed the order, only one of the items I'd ordered was no longer available.

Lessons learned:
  • Read your order confirmation e-mails carefully.
  • Customer service is dead

It's obvious they had a problem with their ordering system. The problem has apparently been fixed. It would've been nice if they'd corrected my order, or at least notified me of the problem.


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