Export and Import Server Package Options Not Appearing In IIS After Installing The Web Deployment Tool

I spent some time today learning about the Web Deployment Tool in Visual Studio 2010 and IIS, but despite having the tool installed wasn't getting the options to export or import packages in IIS. Finally, after much web-surfing, I stumbled across this excellent post which held the answer: if you install the tool via the Web Platform Installer, it doesn't install everything.

The solution: either install it from the msi package to start, or, if you already have it installed, go into Programs and Features, right-click Web Deployment Tool, and select Change. Then, install the additional components you need (in my case, I selected everything that was not already installed). Alternatively, you could download the msi, run it, and select Change from the dialog when prompted; then choose any or all additional components.

Many thanks to the author of the aforementioned blog post!


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