A Weird Coincidence

Yesterday while heading out at lunchtime I saw someone who reminded me of an old coworker named Avi. I'd worked with Avi at two separate jobs, non-consecutively, and we hadn't kept in touch in between them, so it was an example of how small the world can be at times. When I saw this person yesterday who reminded me of Avi, I remembered how he'd had a good working relationship with one of our business clients named Jack, and how Jack had referred me to his brother Jeff when I needed to find someone to do some home improvement work for me. I haven't spoken to any of them in 4 years, and only ever spoke to Jeff once.

Today, while in a meeting shortly before lunchtime, my phone rang. It was Jeff.

I couldn't believe it. I hadn't spoken to him in years, he crossed my mind out of the blue yesterday, and today he called. What could this guy that I didn't really know and whom I'd only ever spoken to once, 4 years ago, for about 5 minutes, be calling me about? Being in a meeting, I let it go to voicemail.

He left me a message introducing bimself, explaining how he'd done work on someone's house, and that I'd been the plumber who'd done work on the same house and that he had a question for me. Obviously a case of mistaken identity, as I'm not a plumber and never have been, and I don't know the homeowner he mentioned.

The timing of it is so odd. It's funny. I'll have to return his call, partly just to be polite, but also due to the strangeness of it all.


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